Several Stylish Colors

Why glubbs?

No other fitness glove on the market can compete with the grip strength of glubbs. Not only does it also prevent calluses, but you can wash your glubbs in the sink after your workout.


glubbs provides a unique and profitable opportunity for retailers. We are able to close 80% of customers that try on our glubbs at every tradeshow. This also provides a chance to upsell other products because you have established a relationship with the customer. Everyone loves trying them on because they are so unique.


Product Release

Our Product Release in Las Vegas at the Expo was a total Success

On the first day of the 2 day expo we sold every single pair of glubbs we had in 6 hours. It was a total success and the positive feedback was amazing and a welcome surprise.

When our founder invented glubbs 2 years ago he had hopes of providing the worlds first fitness glove that would increase grip strength but could be washed without ruining them. We believe he succeeded.

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