I invented glubbs 2 years ago because I was sick and tired of wasting money on leather gloves every 2 months. I would spend $30 plus on a new pair of leather gloves and after a few workouts they started stinking. So, naturally I would try and wash them only to have them shrink or tear apart. I even tried other gloves made from various other materials but they would give me the grip I needed.

So, as anyone might do a situation of dissatisfaction, I went to google. I searched for a 100$ sweatproof weightlifting gove only to find nothing in the market. I was quite surprised that there was not a single fitness glove that provided 100% sweat-proof performance.

Then began many hours of contemplating on a better solution. One day while I was at the pool I noticed a cell phone cover made of silicon. At that point I had an epiphany and began months of research and development that lasted for 2 years until I had a viable mass producible fitness product named glubbs.