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Trevor Koot Curling in glubbs

This is my good friend Trevor Koot doing some curls with his glubbs. Thanks Trevor!

Trevor Koot Doing Some Curls in His Glubbs

Trevor Koot Doing Some Curls in His Glubbs

The Arnold Classic and the Best Fitness Glove

What a perfect combination, the Arnold and our glubbs. We had a huge success at the Arnold Classic and it was so much fun. We saw so many familiar faces and met many more new people and made great friends. All our hard work paid off and we will be coming back next year.

Josh Bowmar 2013 men's physique winner showing off his glubbs

Josh Bowmar 2013 men’s physique winner showing off his glubbs

The perfect combo was our product and the Arnold. Oddly enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually right across from our booth for about 30 minutes on Saturday.¬†Our team was doing really well and our customer feedback was awesome. We managed to sell 50% of the product that we brought which is what I had anticipated. I was really happy to help the many body builders and fitness trainers take better care of their hands. That is what it’s all about. To be honest, the worst I’ve seen was on Josh Bowmar’s hands (2 Time Arnold Men’s Physique Winner). He really needed them.

We met so many people and made so many connections. The three days of hard work really paid off.

LA Fit Expo Was a Huge Success

We had an awesome time at the LA Fit Expo and made some awesome friends. Out of the three conventions we have done so far this was our biggest success. I don’t know if that was due to our location which was right in the front or our corner booth or just the LA market. Whatever it was, we will be going back year after year.

Laren Powers showing off her glubbs at the LA Fit Expo 2012

Laren Powers showing off her glubbs at the LA Fit Expo 2012

We met so many distributors and made so many connections that I’m still trying to catchup. We got hooked into FerrignoFit by meeting Shanna Ferrigno and are really looking forward to working with the team. We also made friends with Lauren Powers and learned about her success with LP TV. I could go on and on but to say the least we enjoyed meeting everyone we came across, especially every customer that we hope we helped.

I am looking forward to going back next year. We are actually considering going to the Fit Expo in Northern California in a few months. I can’t wait.

Mr Olympia was a Sellout

After three conventions under my belt I decided to finally get around to posting about our experience at Mr Olympia. It was our first convention and I personally was very nervous. I had spent 2 years and over $90,000 preparing for this day and didn’t know what to expect. It quickly became a success after we sold every pair of glubbs we had brought to the convention. I managed to learn a lot about our product and the needs of our customers. It was an awesome experience and we met some great people.

Glubbs at the Muscle Fitness Sign at Mr Olympia 2012

Glubbs at the Muscle Fitness Sign at Mr Olympia 2012

The day before the expo I was so nervous I couldn’t think about anything else. I remember packing the glubbs the day before the show and hoping we would sell at least 25% of them. It was 2 years of my life and $90,000 of my savings invested into something I had never sold before. I believed in my product and had been using my first prototype for the past year, but I didn’t know that anyone else would appreciate the product and find it as useful as I did. I only had hopes.

When the day started, things were moving slowly. We were practicing our pitch and becoming comfortable with talking to people. After a few hours we sold our first pair of glubbs. As little as that may seem, it was such a humbling experience, of which I have had many over the past few months. Strangely, this one sale must have gave the whole team the boost and confidence we needed because we sold 2 more pair right afterwards. Before I knew it we were selling glubbs every minute. It took everything I had to keep up with the sales team. I was so busy giving people change and swiping credit cards that I couldn’t do anything else. Hours seemed like minutes and all the sudden we sold every medium sized glove. The smalls were next. We managed to sell our last large pair the next morning. We spent most of that second day letting people try on our demo pairs and apologizing to the many people that came back to purchase the second day. People were so disappointed and eager to buy our product that they purchased every single one of our demos, even the ones off our hands.

Needless to say, we had a great time and learned so much. It was reassuring to me that so many people wanted to try out my glubbs but it was really awesome to be able to help people with a need. That was my main objective with the product and the main reason I use mine everyday.


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