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LA Fit Expo Was a Huge Success

We had an awesome time at the LA Fit Expo and made some awesome friends. Out of the three conventions we have done so far this was our biggest success. I don’t know if that was due to our location which was right in the front or our corner booth or just the LA market. Whatever it was, we will be going back year after year.

Laren Powers showing off her glubbs at the LA Fit Expo 2012

Laren Powers showing off her glubbs at the LA Fit Expo 2012

We met so many distributors and made so many connections that I’m still trying to catchup. We got hooked into FerrignoFit by meeting Shanna Ferrigno and are really looking forward to working with the team. We also made friends with Lauren Powers and learned about her success with LP TV. I could go on and on but to say the least we enjoyed meeting everyone we came across, especially every customer that we hope we helped.

I am looking forward to going back next year. We are actually considering going to the Fit Expo in Northern California in a few months. I can’t wait.

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