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The Arnold Classic and the Best Fitness Glove


What a perfect combination, the Arnold and our glubbs. We had a huge success at the Arnold Classic and it was so much fun. We saw so many familiar faces and met many more new people and made great friends. All our hard work paid off and we will be coming back next year.

Josh Bowmar 2013 men's physique winner showing off his glubbs

Josh Bowmar 2013 men’s physique winner showing off his glubbs

The perfect combo was our product and the Arnold. Oddly enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually right across from our booth for about 30 minutes on Saturday.¬†Our team was doing really well and our customer feedback was awesome. We managed to sell 50% of the product that we brought which is what I had anticipated. I was really happy to help the many body builders and fitness trainers take better care of their hands. That is what it’s all about. To be honest, the worst I’ve seen was on Josh Bowmar’s hands (2 Time Arnold Men’s Physique Winner). He really needed them.

We met so many people and made so many connections. The three days of hard work really paid off.