We Are Currently Looking for Worldwide Distributors.

During our product launch in Las Vegas we realized we had a hot product. We sold every single peice of merchandise we had in stock in the first 6 hours of the 16 hour expo. We couldn't sell them fast enough. People even came back to our booth on the 2nd day to buy more product.

Below you can learn some more about this exciting opportunity and the details of our distribution options.


  • We ship as small as 50/pr in a 45x35x28cm 5kg box.
  • For example, estimated shipping from US to Australia will be around $300.00 respectively for 1 box.
  • Ocean freight is more economical and we can ship 4,500/pr per palletized freight 408kg.
  • We are looking for regional partners to warehouse stock to lower shipping prices.


  • Cardboard back card with product attached.
  • Product will hang on racks similar to Fitness Gloves in major department stores

Sizes and Colors

  • Extra Small (Available in 2 months)

  • Small

    • pink
    • black
    • red
    • green
    • purple
  • Medium

    • black
    • blue
  • Large

    • black

  • We can also custom order any color there is.

Display Options

  • Spinning floor racks similar to sun glasses rack with glubbs sign on top
  • Can be purchased from


  • We will provide 2 free signs per 50/pr order or $2.00 each extra.

Cool Facts about our MrOlympia Expo experience.

  • We sold our first glubbs ever at 10:05AM on Friday morning.
  • We sold 40% of our stocked glubbs on our first day in just 4 hours.
  • We sold out of every pair of glubbs we had in stock in the first 2 hours of the second day
  • We had over 100 people come by our booth the 2nd day looking to buy glubbs.
  • Once people tried on the glubbs 83% of them were turned into customers.
  • Several hundred pair were sold via our website after the show.
  • Contact us today to learn about becoming a distributor. or 1.770.843.6045