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Sexy Toned Arms


People all have different fat storage areas in their bodies; for some it’s theToned Sexy Arms stomach region, for others, the thighs, the more fortunate have a nice even distribution.  For many women arms seem to be a major fat storage region.  One of the main reasons for arms to be a higher fat storage area in women seems to be; the fact that women opposite of men, put an emphasis on working out their lower body and neglect their upper body.  The reason why?  Women all want to keep their legs tight and glutes rounded.  It is important to work the body as a whole to accomplish an hour glass figure..  Sexy- toned arms are a crucial part of an overall fit  appearance.

The most visible arm muscles on individuals with great muscle tone are the deltoids (shoulders), triceps (back of the upper arm), and biceps (top of the front upper arm).  In the quest of searching for good arm workouts  I learned of many different exercises to both isolate specific muscle groups in the arms and others that incorporate several of the arm muscles at a time.

When doing any type of weight training exercises  use a pair of “glubbs,” weight training gloves. The glubbs will enhance your workout by providing you with comfort, they will prevent calluses, eliminate grip tension, and increase your grip. You should work out your arms at least once a week.  To make sure you are toning and burning fat, make sure you have heavy enough weight that by the last 3 repetitions you are feeling a burn on the muscle and a little strain.  Get started on the journey to developing a nice sculpted upper body.

Workout -1

Super-set  4 x 12-15 two- arm bicep curl

4 x 12-15 Two-Arm Dumbbell Kick backs

Super-set      3 x 15-20 bench dips

3 x 12-15 incline inner bicep curls

Super- set      4 x 12-15 assisted dips

4 x 12-15 assisted pull-ups


Workout -2

Superset-  5 x 10 Barbell Preacher Curls

5 x10 Overhead head Crusher

5 x 10 alternating dumb bell curls

Super set-  3 x 20 Hammer curls

3 x20 tricep rope pull downs

Round 2

4 x15 push ups

4x 15 bench dips




Glubbs in Purple are Coming Soon

You will be able to order glubbs in bright purple in a few weeks. This is sure to be a popular color. purple-back-clear